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Ladies and Gentlemen, proudly we present our new homepage!

we are the german amateur team FTS.rocks and with our organisation we are currently growing and expanding beside a Starcraft 2 and Dota2 roster, also to a Heroes of the Storm and Counter-Strike Global Offensive team!

Latest News

Our CS:GO players are back from their easter holidays!

We are very happy to see our CS:GO team in action again! After a long dust streak they are back again to compete with all other teams who are also active in ESL and other online cups! The reason for our inactivity was a huge exam period in school so the time was very close and the players decided to collecting skill in playing for his own. Our blue-yellow guys plan to enter the Go4CSGO Cup next week so be prepared!

We talked with QKN about the current situation and he told us: ”

we will see after our first practise day  if all goes well we’ll probaly play the go4 cup next week. We are also really happy and hyped for playing together again”.

Insight#4 Our new queen which is called Ashee



Today we had the chance to conduct an interview with our new girl Ashee. She was one of the girls which participated in the first round of the Female Sea League 3 against Austral Valkyries which ended up in a 2:0 win for our Queens


Hello Ashley please introduce yourself in some short words.

Hi everyone! J I am Karryle Wenzel Ashley Mendoza, just call me Ashley or Ashee. Im an upcoming 2nd year engineering student, 16 years old. Me and my sister started playing video games when were still at elementary due to my father’s influence.  I love watching animes/reading mangas, reading books, listening to music, cosplaying  and of course playing games.

You are the latest girl in that lineup. Tell us how you became a member of the Queens?

I was planning on joining female dota tournaments long before I came to FTS. Sadly, I couldn’t find a decent team or teammates. Mayu being my high school schoolmate, introduced me to their team which is the FTS.


When you have a look in our organisation, what do you think about it? what was your first impression?

I was amazed, being in an organization with people of different nationalities impressed me. I am very happy joining the organization 


Which three things you would take with you when you have to go aground and have to be forever alone on a little island? 

Computer, Wi-Fi and food.


What was your last mark in school / in university ?

Just the average, a letter grade of B


When you have to quit dota, which game you would play instead?

I’m playing different types of games as of now. Dota 2 is one of my favorites, and if I have to quit. I would play Dragon Nest.


Tell us something about your dota2 career how did you come to dota2?

I played dota 1 when I was still at elementary. My high school friend then gave me a beta key tp the dota 2 beta test.


Which hero is imba and whats the worst hero?

For me almost all heroes are imba and there are no such thing as worst heroes, it just depends on how you use them in-game.


tell us something about your role in that team , what are you doing exactly?

I originally applied as a support, then I was assigned as an offlane. As a support I should help carries farm, deny ally creeps, buy courier, wards, and other items that will help our team. As of being an offlane, gaining exp is the top priority. It goes well with heroes who has good escape mechanism and heroes who need to level up faster due to their skills. Farming may be hard for most likely it will be two against one in the hard lane.


Fts shown a great performance in the 1st round of female sea league and you also play well, what can you say about that first enemy?

It was a good game.  Their players were good especially the midlaner. We had a hard time but still we enjoyed the game


Is there any dream final or team you would like to play against for you? 

Any professional team would do. It would be such an honor to able to play against people like them. For it would also mean that we will be more or less as good as them.


Which is the strongest female team in your region / on overall? And why do you think are they so strong?

There are many good teams out there but for me FTS queens are the best. Maybe we are not the strongest but we would try and do our best in every tournament that we will join in.


When you could be any person on earth which you would choose? And why?

Alodia Gosiengfiao, not to mention that she has a nice body and a pretty face, she’s also a gamer and a cosplayer. She can also play instruments namely the piano which made me an avid fan of hers


Last question is a little shout out, what you like to say to your friends, fans, family and to musc 1 and fts? 

Hi everyone! I hope that you would keep on supporting our team and we will try our best to meet your expectations. To the FTS team I’m hoping that we will get along more and that we would have a successful gaming career. I am very happy that I am one of the FTS members. For my family and friends thank you for supporting us, if it weren’t for you people I might not be here right now 

Insight number three with Princess!

Today we asked our Dota2 girl to take some time for answering some questions which could be interested to the players outside there! 

Hello Princess, tell us some short words about you, who you are and what are you doing in this team.

I’m Princess Antoinette Roa, Princess to make it short. I’m not used to play online games before until I met dota 2 :) I’m not that so called “gamer type” person because I don’t play other games rather than dota2 but I am really dedicated in every game and committed to my team. I am currently under the banner of FTS – Gaming :)


You are playing Dota for a long time now, tell us how it starts and which games you played before?

My boyfriend and some friends used to play dota, I have nothing to do but to watched them play. Until I decided to have a try and that’s it, my days won’t be complete without one single game! When my friend (Reca) is currently looking for a stand-in for FSL2, I got a chance to play with them until they invited me to be with their team :) yet until now we’re on the same team aiming for the same goal :D


You are participate in the FSL3 ladies Cup, what are your goals for it?

I guess anyone would like to claim as a champion for the FSL3 Cup. Yet, my main goal is to improve more and make my FTS team proud :) I want to see myself playing hard for every game we played and discovering new things and strategies together with my team :)


There are always five players in a Dota2 Team, but who is the most attracted Queen there? 

All of my teammates are all pretty and smart, beautiful inside and out! They have unique characteristics and good gamers as well. I guess it is so hard to choose because they are all attractive :)


We know that Dota2 is your one and only game, without Dota2 which game you would play competetiv?

I cannot think of any game rather than Dota2 :D I would always choose to play Dota than any games.


You Manager MuSc1 is a very weird person isn’t he? Could you tell any funny fact about him? 

Actually, I don’t know how to pronounced MuSc1. so everytime we (team) chatting about the team and mentioned him, I always mistakenly called him “Music” haha :D


Everything ends someday, so do you can imagine to work after your player times as a coach or manager? 

I am more interested on being a commentator rather than a coach :P haha but nothing’s possible, we’ll see soon :)


You invest a lot of hours in Dota2 so far, do you remember one situation where you was so mad that you called your enemy some really hard things?

When we had a practice game with another “girl” team. It’s just that the players on the other team aren’t really girls. I did not say anything bad to them on chat but I kept on murmuring haha


Outside of your Dota2 live, what is your motto which you always say when you have to make something happen? 

Nothing’s impossible :)


Back to the Dota2 content. Are there some things in your opinion which are unbalanced / imba and beside this, do you have a favorite Hero which are connected to you? 

It would be Undying :) my first hero I use when I started to participate in FSL 2 :)

and to say one unbalanced Hero I  would say Earth Spirit :D The skills are so imba and ES is so hard to use! I would be so proud of myself if I know how to use it :)


Some other facts about you, did you ever solve a rubriks cube and the thing who is more interested are you a good chess player? 

Only a single side of the rubiks cube :P

No, not even interested in chess :)


Last words for the audience, players, teams, manager and fans?

Thank you for the everlasting support in every game we played. To my friends, even in my friends in steam who always cheered me up when having a game, thank you so much! To my FTS team especially to MuSc1, hope you won’t stop supporting and giving us advices. It is great to be with this team :D Thank you!

Thank you very much Princess for your time and all the best for you and the Queens in upcoming FSL3 Cup! 
We are also pretty hyped and excited for this!



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Insight episode #2 with Chakurie


1.) Tell us something about you, your favorite food and drinks also who you are and why you play for FTS Gaming

I am Cakurie by name. I see myself as a gamer, I presume. Beside PC diversions, I am a food addict; consider pizza, pastas, milk tea and frozen yogurt as my top picks. I am a lady with such passion to the gaming scene, for this is the best way to murder weariness, beside sketching and designing. Why I play for FTS Gaming? I consider it as a plus factor to be a part of this superb community.


2.) Which gaming equipment do you use?

I truly don’t have those costly and heavenly gaming gear like razer, and so forth. I just got my gaming portable computer and a mouse that merits playing. Despite everything I’m imagining to claim such eminent gaming supplies soon however.


3.) What was you dream in your childhood?

I dream of dreams to come into reality.


4.) Whats your favorit player and team in Dota?

I consider Team Secret as the most decently played and remarkable team in this era. All things considered, despite everything I consider Dendi as the best Dota player; a gamer with wits and monstrous learning in Dota 2. Also, it is something that I generally anticipate; and considering him as a motivation to even play harder.


5.) When you had the chance to meet one person in the world, which would you choose and what do you ask to this person?

Dendi? Haha. Nothing special to ask, just wanted to take a picture with him.


6.) Whats the story behind your nickname? Why you picked this name?

My nickname is Cakurie, which came from reCA chou-KU maRIE


7.) You will take part in FSL3 with your team FTS.Queens what do you say to your enemys and what do you think is able to realize ( for place )

I would prefer not to talk an excess of with respect to the forthcoming FSL3, yet rest guaranteed we as a group will try our hardest to set up a decent battle.


8.) With a Starcraft II, CS:GO, Dota and Heroes Team FTS Gaminig is an bigger organisation since you came into it, what do you think is possible with this team?

Everything is conceivable, with hardwork and perseverance.


9.) Whats the funniest fact in your female team or the whole organisation?

Funny to have always played a Ladies’ team well infact they are really boys. Lol


10.) Who is the winner, Energy, Water, Cola or alcohol

No one, for none of the choices will never be considered who


11.) What was the most amazing moment with your ladies?

Being together and talk everything under the sun.


12.) Whats your aim for 2015 ( for gaming)

All things considered, to grow as a team. Be more focused thus much into the gaming scene.


13.) Last words to anyone (your Team, MuSc1, FTS Staff, Friends, family, other teams etc.)

I thank you for all the support! Might you keep on supporting me, my buddies, the association and the team too! We may not be considered as the best team, yet we most likely attempt our best to captivate the viewers. GLHF
Thank you Musc1 for the patience as well!